14 October 2019
14 October 2019

9 Hours

Paul the Apostle, according to Apostle Luke, waiting for his companions, explored the city of Athens during the Apostolic of dash. Visited the Acropolis, a religious sanctuary, because, as he is preaching «I saw that the city was full of idols", like the Synagogue .He walked to the market each day chatting with the crowd, attracting the attention of professors of Epikoyris and of Stoic Philosophy, the leading philosophical schools, invited to exchange views with them.


The tour starts with a visit to the «Areopagus», at the foot of the Acropolis, where Paul gave his famous sermon on the "Unknown God" presenting the Christian doctrine to the Athenians, while we admire and the sights of the Holy rock as the Propylaea, Temple of Athena Nike, Erechtheion and the architectural triumph of Parthenon (optional visit to the top of the Citadel). At our next stop, the ' Market ', you will have the opportunity to visit the Centre of Athens to see landmarks like Constitution square and places where Paul was discussing with the philosophers of the era. Then we will visit the city of Corinth and the renowned canal and the archaeological museum in which the "Step of the Apostle", in which Paul was charged with contravening the dominant religion teaching. In the area you will dine in a traditional Tavern and will return to Athens via Kechrion, the port from which Paul traveled to Ephesus.