14 October 2019

2 Days

Monemvasia is often called the "Gibraltar of Greece". It is located on the peninsula of Peloponnese and was once a city fortress in which lived 50,000 Byzantines. Inhabited since the 558 BC a, Extends to an altitude of 600 meters and a diameter of 1.5 km, on a rock surrounded by sea while communicating with the mainland only through a bridge.


The first day

We start from Athens and through a wonderful journey through nature in which we will enjoy Mt. Taygetos and the beautiful villages that surround it, will arrive in Monemvasia and will admire the unique Venetian castle dating back to the 6th century AD. Inside the fortress are the properties of visitors and with surrended in this great atmosphere we will be able to do our shopping in the unique market and dining either inside the Castle or in a traditional restaurant in an adjacent village.

The second day

We will be free to tour the streets of the Castle and then we will visit the town of Sparta where we will dine with an optional visit to the Museum of the olive and Greek olive oil before returning to Athens.