14 October 2019
14 October 2019

8 Hours

The town of Marathon has great historical importance as it was the site of the famous homonymous battle that took place in 490 b.c. where 10,000 Athenians and 1,000 Plateans pushed thousands of Persians towards the sea, forcing them to retreat. The route of transmission of the victorious message by the soldier Pheidippides from Marathon to Athens is the Classic Marathon Route and we will enjoy it together , along with the archaeological site of Ramnoy dating from the Neolithic age.


Our tour starts from Athens on the northern outskirts of the city in the famous Marathon fields where the height of 9 meters Tomb in place of battle in memory of 192 Athenians who died fighting, while we continue with a visit to the middle Greek ages Branas cemetery which houses artifacts from the prehistoric era until the Roman period. Below the village of Marathon to see the starting point of the classic marathon race and the Marathon Museum that is home to more than 3,100 exhibits from 1896 until today. After a break for lunch, we head towards the Ramnoy, to admire the large temple dedicated to the Nemesis and the small temple dedicated to Themis, both built in the 5th century BC while you enjoy (apart from the archaeological sites) the magnificent view over the Bay of Evia and the green landscape that surrounds it.